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Stainless Steel Construction

For those do-it-yourself outdoor types….this is all you!  Our Base Camp is an all stainless steel stove kit and the ultimate system for converting a 55-gallon drum into a temporary and portable wood burning heating system.  Designed and engineered for maximum efficiency and years of life.  This unit is designed of solid 8 & 16-gauge stainless steel and includes everything you need including self-tapping screws.  Other great features include a built-in vent damper system, feed door with gasket, dual front vent dials and super-duty 2” square stainless legs.  Picture below shows optional hot plate kit installed on barrel.  Hot Plate Kit is sold separately and NOT included. *Please note this is not to be used for the construction of a residential heater.  Not for sale in the states of California or Washington.


In stock




Heavy 8-guage design
Gasket feed door
Heavy duty leg supports
Stainless vent collar
Built-in damper control
Includes self-tapping screws
Fits 55-gallon drum (not included)


Weight: 20 lbs. (total kit)
Door frame height: 12.5”
Door frame width: 15.5”
Door opening: 11 x 10”
Flue collar diameter: 6”
EPA exempt: Yes


* Not to be used for constructing a residential wood heater.  Not for sale in the states of California and Washington.  Customers are responsible for checking local codes and regulations before purchasing.