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At Tennessee Barrel Stoves we love the outdoors in any season. With our headquarters located in Knoxville, Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains practically at our back door, we are inspired daily to create products that enhance the outdoor experience. Our latest mission was to design and engineer affordable Expedition Grade camp stoves that would last a lifetime…and then some.  A piece of gear likely to be handed down to the next generation.

We believe with the introduction of our patent-pending designs of the Recon 763 and Base Camp 362 wood burning camp stoves, we can now proudly say Mission Accomplished!  Constructed of solid 8 & 16 gauge stainless steel, our stoves are a serious tool that goes beyond looking good and cooking food. They also serve up casual warmth or lifesaving heat.  After all,  We can go weeks without food and days without water. Yet, once cold enough, you can die within hours.

Our stoves will deliver unmatched service in any environment.  Also a great emergency standby for the homeowner who may not be the “outdoors type”.  Our stoves are dependable assets for heating, cooking and producing hot water for coffee, bathing and cleaning.

Additional precision engineered products include accessories for the Recon 362.  We also offer our Base Camp Stove Kit and everlast designed Hot Plate Kit for those who like building it themselves. Our products are designed to perform and endure.  Each come with a Real Lifetime Warranty that covers normal and reasonable use by the original owner. We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, stay safe, responsible and get outdoors.

John D. King

Founder & President